…and one day I awoke, mid twenties, just on the other side of a harsh breakup, stressful job and feeling low. I asked if I could tag along with a friend to her yoga class and my whole life changed. I found something to look forward to, feel good about, a sense of community, peace of mind and so much more! I jumped in with both feet and was soon taking teacher training with some of the greatest teachers around, the staff at Dhyana Yoga!

My mission is to help others feel the way that my teachers helped me feel. I strive to provide my students with a practice that challenges the body, soothes the mind and revitalizes the spirit, building connection. It is very important to me that students realize that this is more than just exercise but a spiritual practice.

I have been blessed with being a lululemon ambassador as well as a YogaEarth ambassador, and traveled to Whistler to participate in the lululemon Ambassador Summit. You can join me on a retreat either international or local for a once in a lifetime experience.

Yoga joins the mind, body and spirit to help you feel complete as a being. Not sure if yoga is right for you?  Give it a shot, you’ll be glad you did!! If you have any questions please feel free to reach out and ask!

I teach a Vinyasa flow style in the Ashtanga lineage.  What does that mean? You will be led through a series of postures that flow one into another with hundreds of years of wisdom and alignment behind each posture or asana. We concentrate on the breath and awakening the light that resides within each of us.